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masterBigFractionTest: Added test vectors to exercise the slow path of floatValue()...Project Nayuki4 years
big-deletionp79068-java-lib-big-deletion.tar.gz  Nayuki Minase9 years
after-p79068-crypto-library-splitp79068-java-lib-after-p79068-crypto-library-split.tar.gz  Nayuki Minase9 years
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2016-10-27BigFractionTest: Added test vectors to exercise the slow path of floatValue()...HEADmasterProject Nayuki
2016-10-27BigFraction: Updated some Javadoc comments.Project Nayuki
2016-10-27BigFraction: Renamed some parameters of toFloatingPointBits().Project Nayuki
2016-10-27BigFraction: Refactored and simplified toFloatingPointBits() to not keep trac...Project Nayuki
2016-10-27BigFraction: Simplified and tweaked 5 small pieces of code, without changing ...Project Nayuki
2016-10-27BigFraction: Added and updated comments for toFloatingPointBits() and round().Project Nayuki
2016-10-27BigFraction: Added incomplete argument check for invalid arguments to toFloat...Project Nayuki
2016-10-27BigFractionTest: Added test vectors for negative zero.Project Nayuki
2016-10-27BigFractionTest: Changed test vectors for positive zero to be stricter.Project Nayuki
2016-02-05Updated Project Nayuki URL from HTTP to HTTPS.Nayuki Minase