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masterP106: Added mathematical explanation to all language solutions.Project Nayuki13 days
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13 daysP106: Added mathematical explanation to all language solutions.HEADmasterProject Nayuki
13 daysP103: Optimized Python solution code and updated explanation, tweaked Java so...Project Nayuki
14 daysP103: Added pedantic explanation to Java and Python solutions.Project Nayuki
14 daysP71, P145: Tweaked bullet points in Python solution comments for consistency..Project Nayuki
14 daysP103: Added extensive mathematical explanations and algorithm comments to Jav...Project Nayuki
2018-03-09P106: Added Java, Python, Mathematica, Haskell solutions.Project Nayuki
2018-03-08P103: Rewrote Java solution with new algorithms for large speed-up and somewh...Project Nayuki
2018-03-08P103: Added Java solution.Project Nayuki
2018-03-08P71: Added mathematical explanation and tweaked code in all 4 language soluti...Project Nayuki
2018-03-08P76, P82, P121: Tweaked Python solution code for clarity.Project Nayuki