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masterP211: Sped up Java solution.Project Nayuki2 months
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2018-10-03P211: Sped up Java solution.HEADmasterProject Nayuki
2018-10-03P211: Sped up Java solution.Project Nayuki
2018-10-03P124, P127, P549: Changed word capitalization for consistency.Project Nayuki
2018-10-03P211: De-optimized and significantly simplified Java solution.Project Nayuki
2018-10-02Readme: Updated solution count.Project Nayuki
2018-09-20P57, P58, P73: Added Haskell solutions.Project Nayuki
2018-09-20P57, P58, P100: Updated Java and Python solutions.Project Nayuki
2018-09-20P45, P46, P587: Added Haskell solutions.Project Nayuki
2018-04-17P587: Added explanation and slightly simplified code in all language solutions.Project Nayuki
2018-04-16P587: Added Mathematica solution.Project Nayuki