BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.2Add support for OpenBSD's MAP_STACK mmap flags, use it in libthreadOri Bernstein22 months
autoexprPut data into sections too.Ori Bernstein24 months
dependent-tagsUse chartype functions to determine character type, regenerate bootstrapOri Bernstein19 months
libmath-mergeRegenerate OpenBSD bootstrap.Ori Bernstein20 months
masterUpdate bootstrap on FreeBSDOri Bernstein38 hours
matchcompAdd tests for matching semi-complicated tuplessgilles@math.umd.edu3 months
mpkgAdd mpkg.Ori Bernstein22 months
threadworkFix tests on FreeBSDOri Bernstein19 months
tlsUpdate OSX bootstrap.Ori Bernstein13 months
trait-syntaxMerge branch 'clink-obsd' of into trait-syntaxOri Bernstein2 years
r0.3.1mc-r0.3.1.tar.gz  Ori Bernstein19 months
r0.3.0mc-r0.3.0.tar.gz  Ori Bernstein19 months
r0.2.2mc-r0.2.2.tar.gz  Ori Bernstein21 months
r0.2.1mc-r0.2.1.tar.gz  Ori Bernstein22 months
r0.2.0mc-r0.2.0.tar.gz  Ori Bernstein2 years
r0.1.0mc-r0.1.0.tar.gz  Ori Bernstein3 years
r0.1.1mc-r0.1.1.tar.gz  Ori Bernstein3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
38 hoursUpdate bootstrap on FreeBSDHEADmasterOri Bernstein
43 hoursfix bootstrap on 9frontOri Bernstein
10 daysspelling mistake in commentbitmapper
10 daysfixed macos build, "improved" vim syntax highlighting (improved mode off by d...bitmapper
2019-12-05[PATCH v2] Force correct sign for intermediate steps of
2019-12-01[PATCH v2 4/3] Somewhat better error for std.put("{w=?}", "foo")"S. Gilles"
2019-12-04Allow specifying padding width from variableS. Gilles
2019-12-04Make vanext decrement tc.nelt unconditionallyS. Gilles
2019-12-04Convert lib/test/fmt.myr to use testrS. Gilles
2019-10-30Fix build on 9front.Ori Bernstein