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authorOri Bernstein <ori@Oris-Mac-mini.local>2016-12-20 20:48:27 -0800
committerOri Bernstein <ori@Oris-Mac-mini.local>2016-12-20 20:48:27 -0800
commit28284f54c9ac36296ad3c820e779c24fcfc6f550 (patch)
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Fix warnings on OSX, refactor ./configure
By default, OSX builds for the current OS, but we tell it to link for 10.6 and up. This mismatch will sometimes cause warnings. This exports an environment variable in order to fix that annoyance, as well as cleaning up the way we pass round the flags to do it.
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diff --git a/6/main.c b/6/main.c
index 650812c..b3218d8 100644
--- a/6/main.c
+++ b/6/main.c
@@ -208,6 +208,9 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
+ /* Sysinit is arbitrary code defined by the configure script */
+ Sysinit;
lappend(&incpaths, &nincpaths, Instroot "/lib/myr");
if (ctx.nargs == 0) {