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# Myrddin
-[Myrddin Website and Documentation](
+[Myrddin Website and Documentation](
Myrddin is a systems language that is both powerful and fun to use.
It aims for C like low level control, a lightweight high quality implementation,
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More examples and a complete feature list can be found on the website.
## Status
-![Solid Engineering]( "Solid Engineering")
+![Solid Engineering]( "Solid Engineering")
## Try It Online
The online playground is a good place to get started with little setup.
-[Online Playground Environment](
+[Online Playground Environment](
## API Documentation
Myrddin ships with standard library which covers many common uses. It is becoming
more useful every day.
-[API Reference](
+[API Reference](
## Mailing List
Annoucements of major changes, questions, complaints. We also give relationship advice.
[Mailing List Archives](
-[Subscribe Here](
+[Subscribe Here](
## Supported Platforms
Myrddin currently runs on a number of platforms