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Push down named unions types into union tags
Currently, union tags are given the type of their enclosing union, by default: type u = union `Foo ;; var x = `Foo will currently infer the variable 'x' as having type 'union `Foo ;;'. To make the type of 'x' infer as 'foo', the code needs to force 'x' to unify with something that is explicitly declared as a 'u'. This change makes it so that union tags declared in the manner above will default to type 'u', instead. This is a special case, but it makes the behavior less surprising.
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The Myrddin Programming Language
Jul 2012
- Updated Feb 2017
+ Updated Jul 2018
Ori Bernstein
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unconstrained type with $t :: numeric $t, floating $t is replaced with
+ As a special case, a union type declared with the form
+ type u = union
+ `Foo
+ ;;
+ will have the default type set to the named type, and not the
+ union itself. This is slightly inconsistent, but it makes the
+ behavior less surprising.
4.6. Built In Traits:
4.6.1. numeric: