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.B muse
-.I -o out -p pkg [-h] [-d dbg] [-l libs]
-.I [file...]
+.B -o
+.I out
+.B -p
+.I pkg
+.B -h
+] [
+.B -d
+.I dbg
+] [
+.B -l
+.I libs
+] [
+.I file ...
-The muse tool acts as a linker for
+.I muse
+tool acts as a linker for
.I .use
files. It reads all of the usefiles provided to it on the
command line, filters them by package, and outputs a new
usefile with the merged set of symbols. Both the
-.I -o out.use
+.B -o
+.I out.use
and the
-.I -p pkg
+.B -p
+.I pkg
options are mandatory.
-The output of muse is architecture-independent. However, the format of the
+The output of
+.I muse
+is architecture-independent. However, the format of the
generated file is not stable, and is not guaranteed to work across
different compiler versions.
-The muse options are:
+.I muse
+options are:
+.B -h
+Print a summary of the available options.
.B -d [flTri]
Print debugging dumps. Additional options may be given to give more
debugging information for specific intermediate states of the compilation.
-.B -h
-Print a summary of the available options.
-.B -p package
+.BI -p\ package
Take the symbols that match
.I package
and their dependencies, and merge them into a single package. Only symbols
matching the package name will be reexported.
-.B -o output-file
+.BI -o\ output-file
Specify that the generated usefile should be named
.I output-file.
By convention,
.I output-file
should match up with the package name given to the
-.I -p
+.B -p
muse -o library.use -p library foo.use bar.use
-The source for muse is available from
+The source for
+.I muse
+is available from
.B git://
and lives in the
-.I muse/
+.I muse
directory within the source tree.
-.IR 6m(1)
-.IR ld(1)
-.IR as(1)
+.IR 6m (1),
+.IR 2l (1),
+.IR 2a (1)
There is insufficient checking and validation done on usefiles.
The file format is in flux, and in current iterations, it is not at all compact.
-The file format is not closed under concatentation.
+There is no versioning on the usefiles as it stands. If you use the wrong
+version with the wrong compiler, a mysterious error or even segfault is
+This utility should not exist. Instead, the compiler should put the
+exported symbol information into the object file or library directly.