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Update the mc manpage.
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.B 6m
-.I -[hioS]
+.I -[?hioSG9d]
.I [file...]
-The ?m family of compilers compile Myrddin source into object files
-for the corresponding architecture. There is one compiler for each
-architecture supported, with a unique name. By default, if the input
-file is named
+The ?m compiler family compiles Myrddin source into object files
+for the corresponding architecture. Each architecture gets its own
+compler. Unless otherwise specified, if the input file is named
.I filename.myr
then the the object file that is generated will be named
.I filename.o.
@@ -22,7 +21,7 @@ tools like 'mbld'.
If the filename does not end with the suffix
.I .myr
-then the suffix
+then the object suffix
.I .o
will simply be appended to it.
@@ -36,12 +35,12 @@ x86-64
The compiler options are:
-.B -d [flTri]
+.B -d [flTriu]
Print debugging dumps. Additional options may be given to give more
debugging information for specific intermediate states of the compilation.
-.B -h
+.B -h, -?
Print a summary of the available options.
@@ -54,11 +53,21 @@ any options, the search path defaults to /usr/include/myr.
.B -o output-file
Specify that the generated code should be placed in
+.I output-file
+instead of the default location.
.B -S
Generate assembly code along with the object file.
+.B -G
+Generate assembly in the Gnu As syntax.
+.B -9
+Generate assembly in the Plan 9 syntax.
6m foo.myr