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authorOri Bernstein <>2018-12-11 23:20:09 -0800
committerOri Bernstein <>2018-12-11 23:20:09 -0800
commit261918774d46c50c96f729f4e92b01323c56c398 (patch)
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Update FreeBSD bootstrap.
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diff --git a/mk/bootstrap/ b/mk/bootstrap/
index d237ac9..f113ff4 100755
--- a/mk/bootstrap/
+++ b/mk/bootstrap/
@@ -1,6 +1,24 @@
# This script is generated by
# to regenerate, run "make bootstrap"
+mkdir -p obj/lib/bio
+mkdir -p obj/lib/bld.sub
+mkdir -p obj/lib/crypto
+mkdir -p obj/lib/date
+mkdir -p obj/lib/escfmt
+mkdir -p obj/lib/fileutil
+mkdir -p obj/lib/flate
+mkdir -p obj/lib/http
+mkdir -p obj/lib/inifile
+mkdir -p obj/lib/iter
+mkdir -p obj/lib/json
+mkdir -p obj/lib/math
+mkdir -p obj/lib/regex
+mkdir -p obj/lib/std
+mkdir -p obj/lib/sys
+mkdir -p obj/lib/testr
+mkdir -p obj/lib/thread
+mkdir -p obj/mbld
set -x
$pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std -I obj/lib/bio -I obj/lib/regex -I obj/lib/thread mbld/config.myr
@@ -129,15 +147,15 @@ set -x
$pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/spawn+freebsd.myr
$pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/atomic.myr
$pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/futex+freebsd.myr
- $pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/sem.myr
+ $pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/sem+futex.myr
$pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/future.myr
$pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/do.myr
- $pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/mutex.myr
- $pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/rwlock.myr
+ $pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/mutex+futex.myr
$pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/condvar+freebsd.myr
$pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/queue.myr
$pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/hookstd.myr
- $pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/waitgrp.myr
+ $pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/waitgrp+futex.myr
+ $pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std lib/thread/rwlock+futex.myr
ar -rcs obj/lib/thread/libthread.a obj/lib/thread/atomic.o obj/lib/thread/future.o obj/lib/thread/hookstd.o obj/lib/thread/condvar.o obj/lib/thread/fsbase.o obj/lib/thread/rwlock.o obj/lib/thread/common.o obj/lib/thread/waitgrp.o obj/lib/thread/exit.o obj/lib/thread/spawn.o obj/lib/thread/queue.o obj/lib/thread/mutex.o obj/lib/thread/atomic-impl.o obj/lib/thread/sem.o obj/lib/thread/tls-impl.o obj/lib/thread/do.o obj/lib/thread/ncpu.o obj/lib/thread/futex.o obj/lib/thread/tls.o obj/lib/thread/types.o
$pwd/muse/muse -o obj/lib/thread/libthread.use -p thread obj/lib/thread/atomic.use obj/lib/thread/future.use obj/lib/thread/hookstd.use obj/lib/thread/condvar.use obj/lib/thread/fsbase.use obj/lib/thread/rwlock.use obj/lib/thread/common.use obj/lib/thread/waitgrp.use obj/lib/thread/spawn.use obj/lib/thread/queue.use obj/lib/thread/mutex.use obj/lib/thread/sem.use obj/lib/thread/do.use obj/lib/thread/ncpu.use obj/lib/thread/futex.use obj/lib/thread/tls.use obj/lib/thread/types.use
$pwd/6/6m -O obj -I obj/lib/sys -I obj/lib/std -I obj/lib/bio -I obj/lib/regex -I obj/lib/thread mbld/opts.myr