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authorOri Bernstein <>2014-12-13 23:21:11 -0800
committerOri Bernstein <>2014-12-13 23:21:44 -0800
commit24a3d753f2ac998c0b10579191984d79cfed0b7d (patch)
tree1b9733502a435451ce5ecf8785c14bbe1fc6705a /parse/dump.c
parent008887ccd998a43db6980fa57f1e210ec26c4acf (diff)
Add plan9 instruction formats.
Work towards a plan9 port. This commit also fixes a bug with strings that contain '\0'. The commits got tangled, and I'm too lazy to detangle them.
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diff --git a/parse/dump.c b/parse/dump.c
index d8b4257..6b6c40d 100644
--- a/parse/dump.c
+++ b/parse/dump.c
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ static void outnode(Node *n, FILE *fd, int depth)
case Lbool: fprintf(fd, " Lbool %s\n", n->lit.boolval ? "true" : "false"); break;
case Lint: fprintf(fd, " Lint %llu\n", n->lit.intval); break;
case Lflt: fprintf(fd, " Lflt %lf\n", n->lit.fltval); break;
- case Lstr: fprintf(fd, " Lstr %s\n", n->lit.strval); break;
+ case Lstr: fprintf(fd, " Lstr %s\n", n->lit.strval.buf); break;
case Llbl: fprintf(fd, " Llbl %s\n", n->lit.lblval); break;
case Lfunc:
fprintf(fd, " Lfunc\n");