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authorOri Bernstein <>2017-11-05 21:27:14 -0800
committerOri Bernstein <>2017-11-05 21:27:14 -0800
commit4e018273cd06542a0605cebd840dbcb8b14ad906 (patch)
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Accept the globalness of file.
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diff --git a/parse/parse.h b/parse/parse.h
index 07c0e03..0bae957 100644
--- a/parse/parse.h
+++ b/parse/parse.h
@@ -404,7 +404,7 @@ void lfatalv(Srcloc l, char *fmt, va_list ap) FATAL;
/* stab creation */
Stab *mkstab(int isfunc);
-void putns(Node *file, Stab *scope);
+void putns(Stab *scope);
void puttype(Stab *st, Node *n, Type *ty);
void puttrait(Stab *st, Node *n, Trait *trait);
void putimpl(Stab *st, Node *impl);
@@ -414,7 +414,7 @@ void forcedcl(Stab *st, Node *dcl);
void putucon(Stab *st, Ucon *uc);
void putlbl(Stab *st, char *name, Node *lbl);
-Stab *getns(Node *file, char *n);
+Stab *getns(char *n);
Node *getdcl(Stab *st, Node *n);
Node *getclosed(Stab *st, Node *n);
Node **getclosure(Stab *st, size_t *n);
@@ -521,7 +521,7 @@ char *declname(Node *n);
Type *decltype(Node * n);
Type *exprtype(Node *n);
Type *nodetype(Node *n);
-void addstmt(Node *file, Node *stmt);
+void addstmt(Node *stmt);
void setns(Node *n, char *ns);
void updatens(Stab *st, char *ns);
ulong varhash(void *dcl);
@@ -536,15 +536,15 @@ Type *substget(Tysubst *subst, Type *from);
Node *specializedcl(Node *n, Type *param, Type *to, Node **name);
Type *tyspecialize(Type *t, Tysubst *tymap, Htab *delayed, Htab *tybase);
Node *genericname(Node *n, Type *param, Type *t);
-void geninit(Node *file);
+void geninit(void);
/* usefiles */
int loaduse(char *path, FILE *f, Stab *into, Vis vis);
void readuse(Node *use, Stab *into, Vis vis);
void writeuse(FILE *fd, Node *file);
-void tagexports(Node *file, int hidelocal);
+void tagexports(int hidelocal);
void tagreflect(Type *t);
-void addextlibs(Node *file, char **libs, size_t nlibs);
+void addextlibs(char **libs, size_t nlibs);
/* expression folding */
Node *fold(Node *n, int foldvar);