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diff --git a/6/isel.c b/6/isel.c
index 9abe40e..7b30b04 100644
--- a/6/isel.c
+++ b/6/isel.c
@@ -939,7 +939,6 @@ selexpr(Isel *s, Node *n)
/* These operators should never show up in the reduced trees,
* since they should have been replaced with more primitive
* expressions by now */
-<<<<<<< HEAD
case Obad: case Oauto: case Opreinc: case Opostinc: case Opredec:
case Otern: case Opostdec: case Olor: case Oland: case Oaddeq:
case Osubeq: case Omuleq: case Odiveq: case Omodeq: case Oboreq: