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## Build
-Compile with ./configure --prefix="/home/wherever/I/want" && make && make install
-The result will be among other things, the binaries 6m and mbld
+If you are building from development then issue `make bootstrap` after the call
+to `./configure`.
+* `./configure`
+* `make`
+* `make install`
+The result will be, among other things, the binaries 6m and mbld.
## Usage
Compile and execute:
-`mbld -R test.myr`
+`mbld -R test.myr`
Compile into a binary:
`mbld -b binary test.myr`
@@ -68,7 +74,6 @@ More examples and a complete feature list can be found on the website.
## Status
![Solid Engineering]( "Solid Engineering")
## Try It Online
The online playground is a good place to get started with little setup.