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Floating-point types. The exact semantics are yet to be
- @<ident>
+ @<name>
A generic type. This is only allowed in the scope of 'generic'
It also allows composite types to be defined. These are listed below:
- @a
+ <type>*
+ A pointer to a type This type does not support C-style pointer
+ arithmetic, indexing, or any other such manipulation. However,
+ slices of it can be taken, which subsumes the majority of uses
+ for pointer arithmetic. The pointer is passed by value, but as
+ expected, the pointed to value is not.
+ <type>[,]
+ A slice of a type. Slices point to a number of objects. They
+ can be indexed, sliced, and assigned. They carry their range,
+ and can in principle be bounds-checked (although the compiler
+ currently does not do this, due to the lack of a runtime library
+ that will allow a 'panic' function to be called).
+ <type>[size]
+ An array of <type>. Unlike most languages other than Pascal, the
+ size of the array is a part of it's type, and arrays of
+ different sizes may not be assigned between each other. Arrays
+ are passed by value, and copied when assigned.
+ <type0>,<type1>,...,<typeN>
+ A tuple of type t0, t1, t2, ....
+ Finally, there are aggregate types that can be defined:
+ struct
+ union
+ Any of these types can be given a name. This naming defines a completely
+ new incompatible type
+Type Constraints
+ character
+ bool
+ int
+ float
+ func
+ sequence