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.B muse
-.I -[hmidos]
+.I -o out -p pkg [-h] [-d dbg] [-l libs]
.I [file...]
-The 'muse' tool takes as input a Myrddin source file and generates
-a usefile from it. A usefile collects definitions exported from the
-package specifications in Myrddin source code, and makes them available
-for other programs to include with a 'use' statement.
-It can also merge together a number of usefiles into one larger usefile
-including all of the exported symbols. If an output file name is not given,
-and we are not merging usefiles, then an input file named
-.I filename.myr
-will generate a usefile named
-.I filename.use
-If the filename does not end with the suffix
-.I .myr
-then the suffix
-.I .o
-will simply be appended to it.
+The muse tool acts as a linker for
+.I .use
+files. It reads all of the usefiles provided to it on the
+command line, filters them by package, and outputs a new
+usefile with the merged set of symbols. Both the
+.I -o out.use
+and the
+.I -p pkg
+options are mandatory.
The output of muse is architecture-independent. However, the format of the
@@ -45,26 +36,25 @@ debugging information for specific intermediate states of the compilation.
Print a summary of the available options.
-.B -I path
-Add 'path' to the search path for unquoted use statments. This option
-does not affect the search path for local usefiles, which are always
-searched relative to the compiler's current working directory. Without
-any options, the search path defaults to /usr/include/myr.
+.B -p package
+Take the symbols that match
+.I package
+and their dependencies, and merge them into a single package. Only symbols
+matching the package name will be reexported.
.B -o output-file
Specify that the generated usefile should be named
+.I output-file.
+By convention,
.I output-file
-.B -s
-Print a summary of the symbols exported from the usefile that is specified.
+should match up with the package name given to the
+.I -p
- muse foo.myr
- muse -o bar.use bar-system-version.myr
- muse -mo library foo.use bar.use
+ muse -o library.use -p library foo.use bar.use