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2013-06-08Add support for compiling struct literals.struct-litOri Bernstein
2013-06-07Parses struct elements, but doesn't compile them.Ori Bernstein
2013-06-05Escape quotes in assembler strings.Ori Bernstein
2013-05-30Keep logical-not operands in registers.Ori Bernstein
2013-04-02Remove some dead stores.Ori Bernstein
2013-03-27Remove outdated line from help docs.Ori Bernstein
2013-03-20Use 'lea' to calculate offset addresses.Ori Bernstein
2013-03-20Use 'rep movs' in order to do blits.Ori Bernstein
2013-03-20Copy the entire union when generating matches.Ori Bernstein
2013-03-20Calculate the size to blit when creating a union correctly.Ori Bernstein
2013-03-20Add repeated mov instructions.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-25Add tests for big union argument matching.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-12Remove unneded includes.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-09Remove code used only for debugging.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Merge in the nop move deletion.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Live in and out needs to be calculated in reverse.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Merge branch 'callee-save' of git+ssh:// into ...Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Rename 'locs' to 'stkoff', which is a better name.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Comment our data structures a bit better.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Only put stack temps on the stack.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Delete nop movs.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Document decdegree()'s subtlety.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Fix the ok heuristic again.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Change the 'ok()' heuristic. It seems to be wrong.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-05Silence more debug dumps.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-05Remove nop moves.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-05I think this is the right 'ok()' heuristic.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-03Hack to remove aliasing registers from mov targetsOri Bernstein
2013-02-02Implement the other half of DecrementDegree.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-02xOri Bernstein
2013-02-02Fix moverelated.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-01Only add registers from the actual initial set.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-31More debugging, still not working.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-30Add in invariant checksOri Bernstein
2013-01-30Work on moving to callee save convention.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-29Stub in callee save registers.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-29Implement spilling in the RA.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-25Rename registers for consistency.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-22Rename things in the platform configuration header.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-20Install the Myrddin system's makefiles on 'make install'Ori Bernstein
2013-01-19Make debug dumps less verbose and more controllableOri Bernstein
2013-01-19Add more comments.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-19Refactor the integer conversion code.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-19More commenting.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-19Bind pattern match values.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-18Use memmove everywhere.Ori Bernstein
2013-01-18A bit more commenting.Ori Bernstein
2012-10-24Simplify offset in slice base.Ori Bernstein
2012-10-19Search default system include path last.Ori Bernstein
2012-10-18Allow labels as leaf nodes in exprs.Ori Bernstein