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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-23Fix code gen bugs for missing types.Ori Bernstein
2017-08-23Fix style.Ori Bernstein
2017-08-14Merge branch 'master' into qbeOri Bernstein
2017-07-07Initialize 'o'Ori Bernstein
2017-05-26Fix some format string warnings.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-13Gen string labels.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-12Finish logical negation operator.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-11Some work on float conversions.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-10Get closer to working vararg types.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-10Fix dereferencing floats.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-10Fix compile on Linux.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-09Correct type consistency issues.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-09Implement OtupgetOri Bernstein
2017-04-08Handle more operators.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-08Handle empty blob initialization.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-08Handle comparisons and conversions.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-08Milestone: hello world built against libstd.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-07Export data appropriately.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-07Allocate the right size for vararg blobs.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-07Add missing file.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-06A few fixes to varargs generation.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-05Much closer to generatign valid code.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-05First cut at data generation.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-05Varargs work.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-02Generate string blobs correctly.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-02Generate strings.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-02Add and use strfmt()Ori Bernstein
2017-04-02Work around incomplete ABI conversion in QBE.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-02Generate slice lengths and comparisons with right type.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-02Put similar things together.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-02Do extensions for int conversions.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-02initialize and use ptrsize.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-01Fix up comparisons.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-01Fix labels and type names.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-01We need some casting hacks to compile things.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-01First crack at ucons.Ori Bernstein
2017-04-01First crack at slice operations.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-31Alloc locals for args.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-31Make addressing work.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-31Boring old assignments work right.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-30Try to do a better job with stores.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-30Emit calls correctly.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-30Generate slightly more correct QBE code.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-30Delete old code.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-30Use an in-memory QBE layout.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-28Add slice generation operator.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-27Fix a couple of obvious crashes.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-27Move to using Loc instead of Node*Ori Bernstein
2017-02-26More work on QBE codegen.Ori Bernstein
2017-02-23Fix type blob outputOri Bernstein