AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-16Add tests for matching semi-complicated
2019-10-22Make the 9front C compiler happy: return at end of function.Ori Bernstein
2019-10-21Remove unneeded indentationMura Li
2019-10-21Use inline function instead of GNU extensionMura Li
2019-10-21Format codeMura Li
2019-10-21More informative error messageMura Li
2019-10-21new => mkMura Li
2019-10-21Use ints instead of chars to encode PathMura Li
2019-10-21Update commentsMura Li
2019-10-21Remove redundent initializerMura Li
2019-10-21Add hide-checking (pattern coverd by earlier case)Mura Li
2019-10-21Share final states, do not create duplicate onesMura Li
2019-10-21Rename __XXX macrosMura Li
2019-10-21CleanupMura Li
2019-10-21Remove unused struct fieldsMura Li
2019-10-21Fix missing punctuationsMura Li
2019-10-21Add some docsMura Li
2019-10-21rename _m to mkdummymatchMura Li
2019-10-21Remove debugging log not for usersMura Li
2019-10-21Use the built-in diagnostic helperMura Li
2019-10-21WIP: add exhaustiveness checkingMura Li
2019-10-21WIP: rename gendtree2 to gendtreeMura Li
2019-10-21WIP: renmae _-prefix variablesMura Li
2019-10-21WIP: remove {} around single-statement ifsMura Li
2019-10-21WIP: remove the commented-out test cases which are for the old algorithmMura Li
2019-10-21WIP: update commentsMura Li
2019-10-21WIP: re-order functionsMura Li
2019-10-21WIP: move the definition of Dtree to mi.hMura Li
2019-10-21WIP: remove unused codeMura Li
2019-10-21WIP: upgrade genonematchMura Li
2019-10-21Add a new match compiler implementationMura Li
2019-10-21Use optparse's .arg to pass run targetMura Li
2019-10-22Support cli arguments for mbld -RMura Li
2019-10-18Tie return value of mbld to results of specified
2019-09-10Force scientific notation to print trailing 0sS. Gilles
2019-09-09Allow printing fltXY in scientific notationS. Gilles
2019-09-09Split out intfmt to a separate file.S. Gilles
2019-09-09Specify sigfigs (cutoff + Relative mode) for fltXY formattingS. Gilles
2019-09-07Allow padding for fltXY formattingS. Gilles
2019-09-07Collect fltXYbfmt parameters into analogue of intparamsS. Gilles
2019-07-31Fix bug in dump code: Stray '{', wrong args.Ori Bernstein
2019-07-26Fix wycheproof tests for curve25519 (thanks Mike)Ori Bernstein
2019-07-25Add curv25519 tests (thanks Mike)Ori Bernstein
2019-07-23Add OpenBSD 6.4 syscallsCarlin Bingham
2019-07-22Fix std.getcwd on OpenBSD -currentCarlin Bingham
2019-07-18Fix typos in spec (thanks, Mike)Ori Bernstein
2019-07-18Fix bigand/bigor: Thanks, MikeOri Bernstein
2019-07-13Oops, mangled something with git9.Ori Bernstein
2019-07-14Fix crash with large shifts in bigint.Ori Bernstein
2019-07-14Fix memory leak in bigparse. (Thanks, Mike)Ori Bernstein