AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-08-26Give better errors for poorly specified deps.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-26Test and fix hash tables.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add libcryptohash to myrddinOri Bernstein
2015-08-24Revert "Generates 'rol' instructions."Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Move test suite to mbldOri Bernstein
2015-08-24Handle hash tables full of tombstones.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Useless, noisy debug trace dropped.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Move fully to newest mbld.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add spurious change to test hg clone.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add a bldfile.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Export sha384 state type.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Fix tail packing on hashes.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Fix typo in makefile.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add missing file for test.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add missing test fileOri Bernstein
2015-08-24Update the makefile templateOri Bernstein
2015-08-24Factor out hash printing code.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Improve 'make clean'Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add support for sha384.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add support for sha512.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add test data for sha224.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Improve spacing.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add support for sha224.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Remove reliance on shaw56 type from tail() functon.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Remove a reliance on the sha256 type from step()Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Use an array for state.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Consolidate 'make uninstall'sOri Bernstein
2015-08-24Split out sha256 tail function.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add sha256 algorithm.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add test source for sha1.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add test for sha1.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add sha1 code.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Remove stray semicolons.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add missing makefile.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add tests for md5, and fix it.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Add test.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24First broken attempt at md5.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Actually fix the hash table implementation.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Fix build on OSXOri Bernstein
2015-08-23Fix hash table bug.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-23Clean up remapping code.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-23Refactor the substituition of the early coalesces.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-23Generates 'rol' instructions.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-23Merge branch 'peephole-opt'Ori Bernstein
2015-08-23Remove dead code.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-20Update Plan 9 build for new ABI.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-22qsort_r isn't portable.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-22Do slightly better code gen.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-21Get closer to the C ABIOri Bernstein
2015-08-19Start using mostly caller save ABI.Ori Bernstein