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2018-05-31libflate (DEFLATE decoding)Quentin Carbonneaux
Hi, As an official summer of cod entry, here is a start for the libflate library, which will eventually contain Myrddin's [de]compression equipment. It currently exposes a single function const decode : (outf : bio.file#, inf : bio.file# -> std.result(void, err)) that decodes a DEFLATE stream in the inf file into the outf file. The function guarantees that it will not read more than necessary from inf to either, figure out that the stream is bogus, or fully uncompress the stream. I did my due diligence with respect to testing but I am not fully confident about the correctness of the implementation; feel free to add more tests, or test it on example files. I wish: - it was fast (don't expect gunzip's speed) - it was better tested - it had stricter format checks (e.g., checking for invalid Huffman codes) - I had implemented zlib/gzip decompression On the other hand, the current implementation is quite simple and appears to work. Cheers, -- q