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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-26Bitset iterator doesn't need to be generic.Ori Bernstein
2017-07-17Convert from `in` to `:`.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-17Don't count trailing elements when hashing bitsets.Ori Bernstein
2017-03-17Add a hash function for bitsets.Ori Bernstein
2016-10-22Add bitset counting.Ori Bernstein
2016-10-21Rename foobybar to byfoobar.Ori Bernstein
2016-10-17Add bitset iteration and tests.Ori Bernstein
2016-05-17New syntax for casts.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-05make slzgrow match other functionsAndrew Chambers
2016-01-23Move away from ".use" suffix.Ori Bernstein
2015-10-10Some API tweaks to make things match the docs.Ori Bernstein
2015-09-30Add support for duplicating functions.Ori Bernstein
2015-09-15Move to use 'for var i = ...' construct.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-26Move Myrddin libs to lib/ subdirectory.Ori Bernstein