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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-22Align to struct alignment before entering struct.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-15make std.fatal print to std.Errandrewc
2016-02-10Merge branch 'oops' of Bernstein
2016-02-11std.Err pointed to std.InAndrew Chambers
2016-02-10Merge branch 'mktempat' of Bernstein
2016-02-10Add rename syscall.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-10Print bad indexes in iterutil testOri Bernstein
2016-02-09Fix chartype range.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-10add mktempat to stdAndrew Chambers
2016-02-09Remove debug prints.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-09add rename to linux sysAndrew Chambers
2016-02-08Add support for unescaped raw strings.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-07Use std.htbykeyvals in inifile.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-07Add iter utils.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-07Generic iterators now seem to work.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-06Fix bio bug.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-06Work towards generic iterables.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-05Add missing file.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-05Split out 'striter' code.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-05change slgrow to take a pointerandrewc
2016-02-05make slzgrow match other functionsAndrew Chambers
2016-02-04Make std.sljoin consistent.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-03fix memory leak in fslurpandrewc
2016-02-02Remove unimplemented file.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-02Make slpush take an address.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-01Add test for escaped strings.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-29Add 'e' modifier to fmt.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-29Fix mktemp getenv use.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-28remove duplicate writeallAndrew Chambers
2016-01-28fix small memory leakAndrew Chambers
2016-01-27Make it clear that we're growing exponentially.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-27Use the zeroedness of the base pointer in alloc.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-26Actually move %rdx to %rcx before comparing it.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-26Add test for byte subrange copies.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-26Add format specifier for raw byte strings.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-26Fix inifile test.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-26Don't duplicate TMPDIR.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-26Remove the '$' shorthand for end of array.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-24Fix prefix encoding for integers.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-23Move away from ".use" suffix.Ori Bernstein, [][:]) should succeed without Eof.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-20Don't grow the buffer for every read.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-20Put labels into scopes.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-20Add sockaddr_un to linux.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-20Add sockaddr_un to osx.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-20Clean up std.dial, and add support for unix socks.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-20Un hard-code the socket family.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-20Pass correct size of sockaddr type.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-20Remove unused variable.Ori Bernstein
2016-01-20Improve dial() and resolve()Ori Bernstein