path: root/libstd/htab.myr
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-08-26Move Myrddin libs to lib/ subdirectory.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-26Test and fix hash tables.Ori Bernstein
2015-06-18Fix and enable all fmt tests.Ori Bernstein
2015-06-18Update libfmt to preparse options for std.fmt()Ori Bernstein
2015-06-17Work around bug with labels.Ori Bernstein
2015-06-16Fix up hash table.Ori Bernstein
2015-06-12Move fmt to fmt2.Ori Bernstein
2015-05-06Compile error on reaching end of func without return.Ori Bernstein
2014-09-06Fix nkeys in hash table replacementsOri Bernstein
2014-01-10Fix slinsert()Ori Bernstein
2014-01-09Work around compiler bug with labels.Ori Bernstein
2014-01-09Add 'htgetv' function.Ori Bernstein
2014-01-08Export 'htdel' functionOri Bernstein
2014-01-02Get parsing hosts file working.Ori Bernstein
2013-12-27Remove a few FIXMEs from libstdOri Bernstein
2013-12-20Fix hash table implementation.Ori Bernstein
2013-12-20More internals leaking out through exports.Ori Bernstein
2013-12-16Make more internal bits public as bug workaround.Ori Bernstein
2013-12-16Make htab.myr's 'Initsz' publicOri Bernstein
2013-10-28Streamline syntax.Ori Bernstein
2013-10-18Add htkeys() functionOri Bernstein
2013-10-18Add a hash table implementation.Ori Bernstein