path: root/libstd/varargs.myr
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-08-26Move Myrddin libs to lib/ subdirectory.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-21Get closer to the C ABIOri Bernstein
2015-06-07Add vabytes() function.Ori Bernstein
This gets an arbitrary blob with the type data.
2015-06-07Add support for custom formatting.Ori Bernstein
2015-06-06Support formatting params for ints.Ori Bernstein
2015-06-06First cut at formatting.Ori Bernstein
2015-06-05Work towards better varargs.Ori Bernstein
We now capture and check types!
2015-03-26Generate type descriptions for valists.Ori Bernstein
the formatting test is still broken, but everything else seems to be working.
2014-07-09Change syntax for tuples.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-20'#' is now the postfix pointer deref operator.Ori Bernstein
This makes operator precedence less confusing.
2012-09-27Match the name of the directory to the name of the libOri Bernstein
We generate libstd, not libmyr. This gets installed to $PREFIX/myr/$LIBNAME, so this fairly generic name should not conflict with the system.