path: root/mk/bootstrap/
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-09Fix bootstrap script on OSXOri Bernstein
2017-09-09Regenerate bootstrap files.Ori Bernstein
2017-08-13Update bootstrap.update-bootstrapOri Bernstein
2017-08-01Update bootstrap scripts.Ori Bernstein
2017-07-25Update all bootstrapsmbld-rebaseOri Bernstein
2017-03-18Update bootstrap scripts.Ori Bernstein
2017-02-22Update bootstrap scripts on OSXOri Bernstein
2016-09-10Update bootstrap on OSXOri Bernstein
2016-07-05Update bootstrap.Ori Bernstein
2016-05-24Update OSX bootstrapOri Bernstein
2016-05-13Regenerate bootstrap for OSXOri Bernstein
2016-05-02Regenerate bootstrap OSX script.Ori Bernstein
2016-03-02Regenerate OSX bootstrap.Ori Bernstein
2016-02-23Regen bootstrap for OSXOri Bernstein
2016-02-05Regenerate bootstrap for OSXOri Bernstein
2016-01-05Update bootstrap script.Ori Bernstein
2015-12-04Update bootstrap to new mbld.Ori Bernstein
2015-10-19Remove reliance on sysselect for osx.Ori Bernstein
2015-09-18rand.myr depends on now.myr; regen build.Ori Bernstein
2015-09-11Generate more minimal bootstraps.Ori Bernstein
2015-09-04Fix the OSX bootstrap script.Ori Bernstein
2015-09-04Update OSX bootstrap scripts.Ori Bernstein
2015-08-24Fix build on OSXOri Bernstein
2015-06-29Regenerate OSX bootstrap script.Ori Bernstein
2015-06-28make paths relative for OSX tooMartin Angers
2015-06-25Regenerate bootstrap for OSXOri Bernstein
2015-06-13Update Darwin bootstrap scripts.Ori Bernstein
2015-06-12Regenerate OSX bootstrap.Ori Bernstein
2015-05-15Add one bootstrap file per system.Ori Bernstein