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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-08Add indexed initializer tree support.Ori Bernstein
2013-06-07Parses struct elements, but doesn't compile them.Ori Bernstein
2013-02-06Live in and out needs to be calculated in reverse.Ori Bernstein
2012-10-17Labels are now Lit values, not their own toplev nodes.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-28Rename the match params.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-14Allow implicit bounds on slices.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-31Move towards registerizing stuff.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-16Move away from literals for tuples.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-11Infer types for tuples.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-09Parse and store unadorned literal sequencesOri Bernstein
2012-06-30More work towards getting sequence literals to work.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-29Add constructors for match nodesOri Bernstein
2012-06-27Work towards supporting unions.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-24Make type names proper types.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-24A number of misc fixes I can't be arsed to separate.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-23Make sure node ids are unique.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-18Remove enums from the language.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-17Make it more obvious when we fail to init 'did'Ori Bernstein
2012-06-17Get rid of the 'Sym' struct.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-17Change the way names are represented.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-17Make loading usefiles work completely.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-15Add rudimentary constant folding.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-13Implement spilling. TODO: fix fib()Ori Bernstein
2012-06-11Integer correctness fixes.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-06Infer array sizes correctly.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-05Relax restrictions on args of mktyfunc()Ori Bernstein
2012-05-13Start generating code for struct members.Ori Bernstein
2012-05-13Add struct formatting to output.Ori Bernstein
2012-05-08Fix loop conditions.Ori Bernstein
2012-03-09The backend now compiles.Ori Bernstein
2012-01-14Generify nlappend.Ori Bernstein
2012-01-10Assert that nodes inserted into nodelists are non-nullOri Bernstein
2012-01-07Some misc type inference fixes.Ori Bernstein
2012-01-06Create function types.Ori Bernstein
2012-01-06Stab modifications.Ori Bernstein
2012-01-04Make stabs at appropriate places.Ori Bernstein
2012-01-04Implement symtabs.Ori Bernstein
2012-01-03Start of pickling stuff.Ori Bernstein
2011-12-14Start stubbing in inference.Ori Bernstein
2011-11-21Parse into symtabs.Ori Bernstein
2011-11-20We don't error on package specs nowOri Bernstein
2011-11-20Don't die on function types.Ori Bernstein
2011-11-19Stubbing in more stuff.Ori Bernstein
2011-11-19Fix up parsing func litsOri Bernstein
2011-11-19More work towards fully parsing.Ori Bernstein
2011-11-05Initial commitOri Bernstein