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2012-08-19Remove unused header.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-19Don't use string functions with unchecked length.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-18Change 'cons' to 'ucon', add uget.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-16We declare the variables in pattern matches now.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-15Actually create the typaram.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-15Add syntax and tests for multiple constraintsOri Bernstein
2012-08-15Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Bernstein
2012-08-15Look up values in the correct namespace.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-15Renamings.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-15We don't need the load instruction.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-15Stabs named 'ns' are returned when we look up 'ns'.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-15tylike becomes mktylike.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-15More comments.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-15More comments.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-14Use ':' instead of ',' in slice types.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-14Use ':' instead of ',' in slice ranges.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-14Allow implicit bounds on slices.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-14Remove stupid comment.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-14More comments and some code rearrangements.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-14Add comments.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-12Fix stray refactoring issues.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-11A bit more grammar refactoring.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-11Refactor the grammar.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-11Rearrange sections.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-09More docs.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-08Actually fix empty vararg lists.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-08Allow empty vararg list.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-08Return the right token.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-08Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Bernstein
2012-08-07Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Bernstein
2012-08-07Rename type names.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-07Test arrays within structs.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-07Return the right length from tidappend()Ori Bernstein
2012-08-07Improve commentingOri Bernstein
2012-08-07We want to unify the checked node, not any subnode.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-06String handling changes.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-06Don't get the wrong string length.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-05Squash indirection bugs.Ori Bernstein
2012-08-03Don't die if types have no constraints.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-31Move towards registerizing stuff.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-31Make struct returns work.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-30Use 'imul' instead of 'mul'.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-29Fix a few clang static analyzer warnings.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-29Add min/max functionsOri Bernstein
2012-07-29Byte and char should be numeric.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-28Formatting chagnes.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-28Fix up type index hacks a bit.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-27Fix 'ldel' function.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-27Add tests for dereferencing assignment.Ori Bernstein
2012-07-27Fix slice type inference a bitOri Bernstein