path: root/rt/start-openbsd.s
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-15Define __guard_local on OpenBSD for linking libcCarlin Bingham
2017-12-11Undo the kbind call.Ori Bernstein
2017-12-05Align the stack in _start.snocl
2017-10-08Add kbind() calls.Ori Bernstein
2017-07-04Simplify _start routinesMichael Forney
2017-07-04rt: Remove duplicate stack allocationMichael Forney
2016-08-28Our ABI relies on zero %rbp to terminate the stack.Ori Bernstein
2016-05-08Add OpenBSD note section.Ori Bernstein
2016-05-08work on openbsd portAndrew Chambers
2016-05-08Add initial openbsd skeletonAndrew Chambers