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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-01-15Define __guard_local on OpenBSD for linking libcCarlin Bingham
2017-12-11Undo the kbind call.Ori Bernstein
It breaks dynamic linking.
2017-12-05Align the stack in _start.snocl
2017-10-08Add kbind() calls.Ori Bernstein
OpenBSD expects that this is called after the runtime is done its initial setup. It's likely to care more in the future.
2017-07-04Simplify _start routinesMichael Forney
sys$__environment was unused since 94ee9832f5861c4d09afa12338720eb3a479c342. Delete it and count, which is no longer needed. Simplify _start routines since they no longer need to allocate space for the environment slice and populate it.
2017-07-04rt: Remove duplicate stack allocationMichael Forney
2016-08-28Our ABI relies on zero %rbp to terminate the stack.Ori Bernstein
Let's zero it.
2016-05-08Add OpenBSD note section.Ori Bernstein
2016-05-08work on openbsd portAndrew Chambers
- fix start assembly - update syscall numbers to match openbsd - add openbsd note section
2016-05-08Add initial openbsd skeletonAndrew Chambers