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2014-09-28Fix premature unification in generics.Ori Bernstein
We used to unify generics prematurely, meaning that if we had a generic being used before the declaration was fully inferred, we would fix it's type at the first use. This would cause errors when we tried to use it with a different type. A demonstration of this bug is below: const main = { id("asdf") /* we decided that id (byte[:] -> $t) */ id(123) /* type error: (byte[:] -> $t) is not compatible with (intline -> $t) */ } generic id = {x : @a -> x }
2013-12-16Convert main() to effectively return void.Ori Bernstein
Now, if we exit thorugh the end of main, we will ignore the return value, and call exit(0) from the start stub. If you want to exit with a different return value, you need to call std.exit(val)
2013-02-19Use 'myrbuild' to build the testsOri Bernstein
This both tests 'myrbuild', and ensures that we handle dependencies and such correctly.
2013-01-16Comment the purpose of the tests.Ori Bernstein
Each test now gets a comment describing what it actually checks, and what it exits with.
2012-08-09Add missing test file.Ori Bernstein