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2013-12-16Convert main() to effectively return void.Ori Bernstein
Now, if we exit thorugh the end of main, we will ignore the return value, and call exit(0) from the start stub. If you want to exit with a different return value, you need to call std.exit(val)
2013-10-28Streamline syntax.Ori Bernstein
Move from: match foo bar: action ;; baz: action ;; To: match foo | bar: action | baz: action ;;
2013-04-01Add a broken test for inferring named types.Ori Bernstein
Currently, we take the actual type of compound literals, and set that as their type. This is wrong, since it doesn't take into account named types. Instead, we should substitute the type with a type parameter, and do a post-unification pass checking the base type, similar to how we do a post pass to check integers. The test added should work to verify this.