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2013-12-16Convert main() to effectively return void.Ori Bernstein
Now, if we exit thorugh the end of main, we will ignore the return value, and call exit(0) from the start stub. If you want to exit with a different return value, you need to call std.exit(val)
2013-02-19Use 'myrbuild' to build the testsOri Bernstein
This both tests 'myrbuild', and ensures that we handle dependencies and such correctly.
2013-01-16Comment the purpose of the tests.Ori Bernstein
Each test now gets a comment describing what it actually checks, and what it exits with.
2012-08-14Use ':' instead of ',' in slice ranges.Ori Bernstein
It's clearer notation, IMO.
2012-08-14Allow implicit bounds on slices.Ori Bernstein
2012-06-06More work towards working slices.Ori Bernstein
Implement more operators, don't error out as early.
2012-06-06Add slice test.Ori Bernstein