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2014-11-04Fix most tests.Ori Bernstein
Matching constants is still buggered.
2014-10-06Split libstd into libstd and libsys.Ori Bernstein
2014-10-05Make 'install' a phony target.Ori Bernstein
2014-09-28Fix premature unification in generics.Ori Bernstein
We used to unify generics prematurely, meaning that if we had a generic being used before the declaration was fully inferred, we would fix it's type at the first use. This would cause errors when we tried to use it with a different type. A demonstration of this bug is below: const main = { id("asdf") /* we decided that id (byte[:] -> $t) */ id(123) /* type error: (byte[:] -> $t) is not compatible with (intline -> $t) */ } generic id = {x : @a -> x }
2014-09-24Fix struct matching for out of order members.Ori Bernstein
2014-09-18Remove dependencies on libbio for mandelbrot.myrOri Bernstein
2014-09-18Add a mandelbrot test.Ori Bernstein
2014-09-17Rename float -> fltOri Bernstein
Matches int, etc.
2014-09-15Fix typo in sort.Ori Bernstein
We were using the wrong array length.
2014-09-15Fix up character type checks.Ori Bernstein
2014-09-14Add test cases for strstrip.Ori Bernstein
2014-09-14Fix test data and spurious bigint prints.Ori Bernstein
2014-09-14Fix bigint parsing for hex.Ori Bernstein
We weren't trimming the '0x' hex prefix,and that confused our code when it got the 'x' and tried to treat it as a digit.
2014-09-12Improve bigint testing.Ori Bernstein
Add test for big left shift, and add support for base when formatting bigints.
2014-09-12Make bigfmt match the fmt functions.Ori Bernstein
2014-08-19Fix broken test.Ori Bernstein
We forgot to reinitialize the pointers. Ooops.
2014-08-19Fix pointer comparisons, and add a test for it.Ori Bernstein
2014-08-19Refactor towards supporting struct compares.Ori Bernstein
Still not supported, but it should be easier to do now.
2014-08-19Add test for big condition arguments.Ori Bernstein
Don't enable it yet. Need to implement deep comparisons first.
2014-08-18Add missing test dataOri Bernstein
2014-08-18Add test for label preservation change.Ori Bernstein
2014-08-14Add path joining and normalization functions.Ori Bernstein
2014-08-11Simplify runtime overrride scheme.Ori Bernstein
Just provide a '-r' option that lets you point to any runtime that you want.
2014-08-11Spit out the runtime from libstd.Ori Bernstein
This will allow linking code without libstd, as well as fixing link order on freebsd. Freebsd seems to be picky aobut where '_start' is searched from.
2014-08-11more modifications for FreeBSD portakoshibe
2014-08-05Add missing test fileOri Bernstein
2014-08-04Step through default types when specializing.Ori Bernstein
This means that if we have: $123 ==delayed==> foo(@a) we will specialize it to: $124 ==delayed==> foo($125) This fixes one test case for genericuret.myr
2014-08-03Removing a binary blob.Ori Bernstein
2014-07-14More debug dumps with final substitutions.Ori Bernstein
2014-07-14Indent trace information.Ori Bernstein
2014-07-14Fix generic type construction.Ori Bernstein
2014-07-09Change syntax for tuples.Ori Bernstein
2014-06-24Add borked test case for generic chaining.Ori Bernstein
2014-06-22Fix test expectations for stdfmtpad.Ori Bernstein
2014-06-21Correct support for zero/space padded negative intOri Bernstein
We would either print '- 123' or 000000-123' in the past. Fixed.
2014-06-21Add tests for padded format strings.Ori Bernstein
2014-06-21Add support for padded strings.Ori Bernstein
Feeping Creaturinm.
2014-06-17Add one more test case for alignment.Ori Bernstein
2014-06-16Actually run the alignment test.Ori Bernstein
2014-06-16Fix alignment on structs.Ori Bernstein
We were aligning big aggregates to 8, instead of to their most strict member. Oops.
2014-06-12Delete mistakenly added binary.Ori Bernstein
2014-06-12Add missing file.Ori Bernstein
2014-06-12Add support for matching string arguments.Ori Bernstein
Holy crap, works on the first try.
2014-06-02Remove 'error.myr'Ori Bernstein
No point in keeping deprecated API. Out.
2014-05-20Add tests for impls over compound types.Ori Bernstein
As expected -- it's broken.
2014-05-08Add 'try' to libstd.Ori Bernstein
This was something I had been thinking about doing, but never did until recently because of a compiler bug. Now it works.
2014-05-08Add 'search' functions:Ori Bernstein
bsearch: does a binary search on a sorted array lsearch: does a linear search on any array
2014-05-01remove 'forwardcopy' predicate.Ori Bernstein
It just checks if a <= b; just inline the check.
2014-04-29Shut up the linker by adding a 'main' function.Ori Bernstein
2014-04-23Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Bernstein