AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-12Add mkfile for 9front.HEADmasterOri Bernstein
2019-05-06Consume insert_buf when resuming a parseDaniel Silverstone
2018-08-22Update component version for releaseVincent Sanders
2018-07-28Tests: Squash leaked chunks allocations.Michael Drake
2018-07-28Tests: Squash leak of hubbub parser.Michael Drake
2018-07-28Tests: Fix passing NULL to qsort.Michael Drake
2018-07-28Tests: Squash json object leak in tests.Michael Drake
2018-07-28Tests: Squash implicit fallthrough error.Michael Drake
2017-10-13Update component version for releaseVincent Sanders
2017-09-09Support falling back to space separated charsetDaniel Silverstone
2016-02-16Update component version for releaseVincent Sanders
2016-02-06make unused variable macro more portableVincent Sanders
2015-12-18Update Component version for releaseVincent Sanders
2015-09-01Fix doxygen warningsVincent Sanders
2015-06-24Update doxygen config ready for automatic document generationVincent Sanders
2015-03-22Update CFLAGS to avoid deprication warning for glibc 2.21 and later.Vincent Sanders
2015-03-21The json library used for tests has changed name.Anthony J. Bentley
2015-03-21Fix include dirs for Haiku.Adrien Destugues
2015-03-08Update the component version for releaseVincent Sanders
2014-11-16Fix up for new buildsystem. Remove unused compat hacks.John-Mark Bell
2014-09-04strncasecmp definition is in strings.h which was not being includedVincent Sanders
2014-04-18Update component version for releaseVincent Sanders
2014-01-13add support for multilibDavid Tardon
2013-12-14Remove client allocation function and update for new lpu API.Michael Drake
2013-05-04Correct various warnings in the test suiteCraig Barnes
2013-04-27Don't use the nonportable alloca() during tests.Anthony J. Bentley
2013-04-19update component version for releaseVincent Sanders
2013-04-18add a .gitattributes so .gitignore is not exportedVincent Sanders
2013-02-27Fix handling of encoding changeJohn-Mark Bell
2012-08-29Fix up for json-c 0.10John-Mark Bell
2012-08-29Sprinkle some const correctness aroundJohn-Mark Bell
2012-08-28update for json-c 0.10 APIVincent Sanders
2012-07-13Fix uninitialised pause variableVincent Sanders
2012-07-10Add ability to pause tokenisationVincent Sanders
2012-07-07Remove unused and unneeded extraneous_chunk APIVincent Sanders
2012-07-05Insert data at correct point in input stream.John-Mark Bell
2012-07-05Merge branch 'master' of git:// Sanders
2012-07-05Only call script complete callback if scripting is enabledVincent Sanders
2012-07-05Fix testsuiteJohn-Mark Bell
2012-07-05Add Script complete callbackVincent Sanders
2012-07-03add hubbub_parser_insert_chunkVincent Sanders
2012-06-29Update to new NSBUILD infrastructureDaniel Silverstone
2012-06-04Simple gitignoreDaniel Silverstone
2012-02-27Bump version numberVincent Sanders
2011-10-27Don't treat warnings as errors on AmigaOSChris Young
2011-10-27Fix handling of xmlns attributes on foreign content root elementsJohn Mark Bell
2011-09-18Bump version numberJohn Mark Bell
2011-07-26Fix build with GCC 4.6John Mark Bell
2011-04-07Bump version numberJohn Mark Bell
2010-12-30Fix example.Michael Drake