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diff --git a/utf8proc.h b/utf8proc.h
index 6e2ac62..f5cc1e1 100644
--- a/utf8proc.h
+++ b/utf8proc.h
@@ -140,14 +140,6 @@ typedef bool utf8proc_bool;
extern "C" {
-#ifndef SSIZE_MAX
-#define SSIZE_MAX ((size_t)SIZE_MAX/2)
-#ifndef UINT16_MAX
-# define UINT16_MAX 65535U
* Option flags used by several functions in the library.
@@ -593,6 +585,8 @@ UTF8PROC_DLLEXPORT utf8proc_ssize_t utf8proc_reencode(utf8proc_int32_t *buffer,
* Given a pair of consecutive codepoints, return whether a grapheme break is
* permitted between them (as defined by the extended grapheme clusters in UAX#29).
+ * @param codepoint1 The first codepoint.
+ * @param codepoint2 The second codepoint, occurring consecutively after `codepoint1`.
* @param state Beginning with Version 29 (Unicode 9.0.0), this algorithm requires
* state to break graphemes. This state can be passed in as a pointer
* in the `state` argument and should initially be set to 0. If the
@@ -668,7 +662,7 @@ UTF8PROC_DLLEXPORT const char *utf8proc_category_string(utf8proc_int32_t codepoi
* contain NULL characters with the string if `str` contained NULL
* characters). Other flags in the `options` field are passed to the
* functions defined above, and regarded as described. See also
- * @ref utfproc_map_custom to supply a custom codepoint transformation.
+ * @ref utf8proc_map_custom to supply a custom codepoint transformation.
* In case of success the length of the new string is returned,
* otherwise a negative error code is returned.