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2018-07-242.2 release dateSteven G. Johnson
2018-07-24note Unicode 11 in NEWSSteven G. Johnson
2018-07-24charwidth=1 for soft hyphen and unassigned codepoints (#135)Steven G. Johnson
2018-05-02uppercase mapping ß (U+00df) to ẞ (U+1E9E) (#134)Steven G. Johnson
2018-05-02NEWS for upcoming 2.2 release, version bumpSteven G. Johnson
2018-04-27version bump to 2.1.1 (#131)Steven G. Johnson
2016-12-26fix typo in NEWS dateSteven G. Johnson
2016-12-26version 2.1 releaseSteven G. Johnson
2016-12-11update NEWS [ci skip]Steven G. Johnson
2016-11-30new utf8proc_map_custom for hooking in user-defined custom mappings (#89)Steven G. Johnson
2016-07-27add missing linksSteven G. Johnson
2016-07-27date fix in NEWSSteven G. Johnson
2016-07-27NEWS and version numbers for 2.0.2 (#81)Tony Kelman
2016-07-13added NEWS for #78Steven G. Johnson
2016-07-13NEWS and version bump for 2.0.1 release, to come out shortlySteven G. Johnson
2016-07-13NEWS updateSteven G. Johnson
2016-07-13NEWS for 2.0Steven G. Johnson
2015-10-31Update NEWS for version 1.3.1Peter Colberg
2015-07-06add missing NEWS linksSteven G. Johnson
2015-07-06updated NEWS for 1.3Steven G. Johnson
2015-06-24update NEWS for #43 and #45Steven G. Johnson
2015-05-29bump API/ABI version to 1.3, add NEWSSteven G. Johnson
2015-03-28updated NEWS etc. for 1.2 releaseSteven G. Johnson
2015-03-27parensSteven G. Johnson
2015-03-27github crossrefs in NEWSSteven G. Johnson
2015-03-27NEWS tweaksSteven G. Johnson
2015-03-27NEWS tweaksSteven G. Johnson
2015-03-27put the API version as #defines in the header file (as discussed in #30)Steven G. Johnson
2015-03-26note doxygen and other changes from #29 in NEWSSteven G. Johnson
2015-03-12note removal of pluginsSteven G. Johnson
2015-03-12update NEWS for 1.2-devSteven G. Johnson
2015-03-08Minimal cmake build scriptTony Kelman
2014-08-12a few typofixesVeres Lajos
2014-07-15markdown fixes, prettified NEWSSteven G. Johnson