AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-29Myrddin runner committed.HEADmasterOri Bernstein
2012-11-29Let the world know that Sundown is deprecatedVicent Martí
2012-10-22Always verify the end of a domainVicent Marti
2012-10-19Gah. Stupid typo.Vicent Marti
2012-10-11Better NO_INTRA_EMPHASIS logicVicent Marti
2012-10-10Better name for the offset argsVicent Marti
2012-08-02Hey I'm @vmgVicent Martí
2012-07-08Bring back changes from RinkuVicent Marti
2012-05-02Merge pull request #110 from ckolumbus/ckol-bugfixVicent Martí
2012-05-02BUG FIX: va_list handling for visual studio fixedChris
2012-04-22Fix segfault when parsing syntaxVicent Martí
2012-04-13Fix infinite loop when parsing strikethroughsVicent Martí
2012-04-12Properly identify opening code fencesVicent Martí
2012-04-12OopsVicent Martí
2012-04-12Bump version numberVicent Martí
2012-04-12Fix the extensions enumVicent Martí
2012-04-12Add MKDEXT_LAX_SPACING extensionVicent Martí
2012-04-12Improve parsing of continuous list itemsVicent Martí
2012-04-11Merge pull request #108 from txdv/windowsVicent Martí
2012-04-11Add nmake build target for windows.andrius bentkus
2012-04-04Merge pull request #104 from rstudio/extern-cVicent Martí
2012-04-04add extern C declaration when using c++ compilerJJ Allaire
2012-04-03Update link to Haskell bindingsVicent Martí
2012-03-30Fix setting the level offset when parsing multiple docsVicent Martí
2012-03-29Merge pull request #100 from FSX/masterVicent Martí
2012-03-29Do not nest the fist list in a table of contents.Frank Smit
2012-03-29Properly check for closing HTML blocksVicent Martí
2012-03-29Fix blockquotes nested inside of paragraphsVicent Martí
2012-03-25Merge pull request #98 from SRombauts/masterVicent Martí
2012-03-25Fix for building with Visual Studio 2008 ExpressSebastien Rombauts
2012-03-03Merge pull request #93 from gregleaver/issue62Vicent Martí
2012-03-03TOC should only show link name, fixes #62.Greg Leaver
2012-02-20Fix #91: hanging whitespace breaks tablesVicent Martí
2012-02-15Merge pull request #90 from gregleaver/toc_escapingVicent Martí
2012-02-14Escape html inside table of contents.Greg Leaver
2012-02-05Fix segfault on empty link refsVicent Martí
2012-01-27Merge pull request #89 from andre-d/requirespaceVicent Martí
2012-01-27Require a space for link titlesAndre D
2012-01-25Merge pull request #88 from andre-d/fix29Vicent Martí
2012-01-25Escaping will not happen if the escape character is at the endAndre D
2011-12-21Skip UTF-8 BOM at the start of the documentVicent Martí
2011-12-13Silence x64 warningsVicent Marti
2011-12-13Cleanup the buffer codeVicent Marti
2011-12-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'chitsaou/escape'Vicent Marti
2011-12-12Revert to non-secure Houdini escapingVicent Marti
2011-12-08don't hook blockhtml callback when escape_html is onchitsaou
2011-12-08implement HTML renderer with escape_html optionchitsaou
2011-12-08add HTML_ESCAPE option to rendererchitsaou
2011-12-03Fix autolinks that end in a periodVicent Marti
2011-12-03Fix off-by-one with backticks and emphasisVicent Marti