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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-29Myrddin runner committed.HEADmasterOri Bernstein
2011-11-06makefile: Remove MFLAGSVicent Marti
2011-09-13Fix mixed HTML/URI escapingVicent Marti
2011-09-08Use Houdini for escapingVicent Marti
2011-09-02UTF-8 handling overhaulVicent Marti
2011-09-01Drop dependency on the old `array.c`Vicent Marti
2011-08-30Perfect hashing for HTML block namesVicent Marti
2011-08-09Add -fPIC for compilingVicent Marti
2011-07-19smartypants: Do not replace inside <code> blocksVicent Marti
2011-07-19Rename Upskirt to `Sundown`Vicent Marti
2011-06-11Remove `html_autolink.c`Vicent Marti
2011-06-08Create an autolinking API for external applicationsVicent Marti
2011-06-05Update Makefile and .gitignore to deal with smartypants.Samuel Bronson
2011-06-05Tweaks to make things work better with MinGW.Samuel Bronson
2011-05-11Include the HTML renderer when building the shared libVicent Marti
2011-05-06Upskirt now renders HTML by defaultVicent Marti
2011-05-05SmartyPants is now smartVicent Marti
2011-04-28Build the executable without shared libVicent Marti
2011-04-20Force PIC when building the libraryVicent Marti
2011-04-17Remove profiling flagsVicent Marti
2011-04-17Newline after line breakVicent Marti
2011-04-16Add support for syntaxes in fenced code blocksVicent Marti
2011-04-15Initial commitVicent Marti